CISSS Constitution

Article I


Full name of the club with acronym in brackets: Computer Information Systems Students’ Society (CISSS) or (CIS3)

Article II


This is the purpose of forming the club. The objectives of CISSS are as follows:
  1. To provide peer support and professional development opportunities to supplement academic pursuits (i.e. events, networking, team building, industry site visits).
  2. To disseminate leads on volunteer and paid job opportunities for gaining industry experience
  3. To connect the students and professors through a collaborative and open network (Facebook)
  4. To promote awareness of the CIS program within the MRU community.
  5. To present a professional, presentable public face for members of the club, the BCIS degree, and the developmental interests thereof.

Article III


This states who is eligible for membership and the definition of an active member. Will the club charge membership fees and if so, how much?

Article IV

Executive Officers

This is a list of the executive officers including their email addresses.
2015 Positions
Will Fowler
Senior Vice President
Priyash Bista
VP Internal
Amanda Marie
VP External
Nicole Waldern
VP Finance (Treasurer)
Brandon Devaleriola
VP Student Relations
Ryan McLaughlin
2014 Positions
Note that these positions and all available positions will change to the structure outlined in the ‘Duties’ section in October 2014. Last year, we devised a new executive plan which outlines concrete executive positions.
Marcel Gruber
Shiv MacFarlane
Michael Soltys
Events Coordinator
Michael Nicolas

Define the roles and responsibilities of each Executive Officer and terms (length) of office. The roles and responsibilities for each Executive Officer are defined as follows:            

Article V


Outline the election procedures including dates and what constitutes quorum for an election to be valid. October.

Article VI


State the frequency of meetings, the number of members required for quorum, and the method of publication. Meetings shall be held once per month. An appropriate date in the month will be determined once class schedules have been determined. Meetings are to be held as early in the month as possible. At least two of the Executive Officers must be present to reach quorum. Meeting minutes will be gathered by at least one member. Minutes then are made available to the general membership via electronic means (i.e. website or email).

Article VII


State the procedures and majority vote required to impeach an Executive Officer and / or a member. A member who knowingly violates any provisions of the Constitution or acts in a manner that puts the CISSS in disrepute may be subject to expulsion. The erring member shall be duly informed of their offence and be allowed proper self-defence through oral or written submissions. Members who fail to perform the duties of their executive roles, consistently evade required meetings, or simply do not contribute to their position may be asked to step down from said position. Failure to negotiate an inactive executive’s status may remit to Article VIII, and successful dissolution of that executive position may result in an appointment or by-election, performed by standing executive members. Any member can be impeached if 6 or more of the active membership/ Executive Officers give written request to a single member who will serve as the impeachment sponsor.

Article VIII

Financial Audit<

State the source of the funds and the fiscal period. Funds will be gathered through fundraising activities, sponsorships, and any means defined in the SAMRU Club Rules. The fiscal period September to August of the following year.

Article IX


Outline procedures for constitutional amendments, notice of motions, and majority vote required to pass.

Article X


State the procedures for purchases, use, and disposal of club property. Purchases of club property must first be approved by the treasurer, then by the vice-president, and then the president. Resources, materials, articles and devices donated to the club become club property in perpetuity, unless specific agreements with the donor are produced in written form as to the term of release for the above elements. Resources which are donated ‘on loan’ become the property of the original donor or their designate at the culmination of the term, and no resources, permanent or temporary, may become property of a club member or executive unless they are the original donor. Articles and resources which have outlived their useful life expectancy (1 full term before consideration) may be proposed by the club executive through the treasurer for liquidation sale, to which club members are given a priority option to bid on the article. While baseline starting bids and bottom lines may be generated for these articles, a public window of auction must be made available through all channels to active club members before liquidation of a club resource deemed out of date may take place. No fixed point of upper value may be established, and as such auctioned items cannot simply be ‘bought out’ before the auction window is closed. All active members are eligible to bid on legal liquidations, including alumni. Any club-branded articles, such as hoodies, promotional materials, or other equivalent articles developed through direct club fundraising or budgeted moneys must be properly documented with the club as to purchase price, sale price, margin and profitability. Acquisition and sale of these articles should be performed through the treasurer, and a catalogue of available branded material should be retained for reference. Use and disposal of club property must be a unanimous decision between all executive officers.

Article XI


Include any bylaws if applicable

Article XII


Signatures of 3 club executive officers
President Signature
Senior Vice President Signature
Vice President Signature