Executive Team

  • Brandon Devaleriola


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  • Brandon Cochrane

    Senior Vice President

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  • Mina Mikhail

    VP Finance

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  • Coulton Fraser

    VP Marketing

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  • Nicole Waldern

    VP External

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  • Brandon Cochrane

    VP Communications


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  • Alex McCreadie

    VP Internal

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  • Amandeep Dhillon

    VP Student Relations

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  • Club Funding Advice

    Apply for SAMRU E-Awards. You can win $500 for the club every year! Always quantify your efforts and accomplishments for the year and keep them in a word document that can easily be converted into an application letter for the scholarship.

    Speak to past executives to find out who can provide funding for events.

    Piggy back on other events to reduce event costs (career services will often have events in which they have a budget for).

  • Documentation

    Always keep the Annual Report in mind. Filling it as you go may assist in making it less of a headache for you when it becomes due in April.

    Always keep a very good record of cash inflows and outflows. It's very important because in the Annual Report, you'll need to balance the clubs' books!

    Always fill out event forms. You're going to need to get signatures... A lot!

Past Presidents

Heidi Ghelfi

Aashish Kumar

Marcel Gruber

Will Fowler